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The Death of Light - Vignette

Here is the first in a series of two-or three-thousand-word slices—each one pretty much self-contained, and a fresh one replacing the old one every two weeks or so—lifted fairly arbitrarily from different parts of the book and presented here for your amusement and interest. One of the lifted quotes at the very beginning of the entire volume will give away some of the game, but not much. Other tiny revelations will follow . . . perhaps: because, face it . . . I’m not gonna promise you anything—and, frankly, there are changes that could still take place to any or all of these sections. It’s been that kind of a book and I’m betting “The Big Reveal” which will be volume 3 (when many of us will be convening in New York’s Central Park—though which particular version is not yet certain—and others on a pretty hostile and unnamed planet a long way away) will make this outing look like a Janet and John primer.

So, I guess all that’s left to say is have fun. Enjoy yourself. Drop me a line. Let me know what you think. There’ll be another piece in a couple of weeks either from before the one that’s going up to today or from after it. Time and space hold no sway here. As Vonnegut said many years ago: welcome to the monkey house.

Uh uh . . .  waartt!

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