Yesterday's personal appearance at the Hull branch of Waterstones went wonderfully well. Waterstone's finest—in the form of Lisa and Jasmine (plus Peter and store manager Lee)—looked after me brilliantly. I had a thoroughly enjoyable time buttonholing any customer who stopped to check the shelves in either the SF, Dark Fantasy or Horror sections and introducing them to DARKNESS FALLING. The result was that we sold out the eighteen copies remaining from some earlier-in-the-week activity in a little over two hours, so they're going to re-order. So anyone in the Hull area who wants a signed copy but didn't know about the signing gig yesterday should let Waterstone's Hull know and they'll mention it to me. I'll be happy to call in and sign a few extra copies.

Next up is the Dean Clough Galleries in Halifax on Saturday 22nd October to be followed by Leeds Waterstone's on Friday 28th and Manchester Arndale Waterstones on Saturday 29th. Maybe I'll see you there—I hope so.